Etika Etc was tucked away in Lismore’s Art Deco Star Court Arcade until May 2018 when we relocated to a street front store at 147 Keen Street. 

Opposite the Conservatorium of Music and Lismore’s new Arts Centre, Etika Etc is found behind a contemporary glass shop front yet step inside onto an industrial style stone floor helping us retain Etika’s shabby chic character.


Continuing in the shabby chic mode, Etika on River opened its doors in late March 2019 in Ballina’s busy main street. Nestled amongst the cafes, boutiques and banks in the seaside town’s River Street, Etika on River exudes the ‘linen linen everywhere’ mantra from a shabby chic riverside space.


Etika started life nine years ago as a gallery, gradually evolving to vintage bags, shoes and clothing. As vintage became more difficult to source the then owner began importing a line of Italian linen clothing.


Etika has further evolved since September 2016 when the current owner took over the then small but unique store, filling it with edgy Italian linen, Australian linen labels, a multitude of styles, colours and sizes, linen for everyone.


Thus Etika became Etika Etc, a linen clothing store over summer, in winter, in Autumn and Spring. Linen is carried all year round with heavier linen in winter. All linen can be layered according to the day, the occasion, the person.


It’s a natural fibre, it’s exciting, it’s eclectic, it’s cool, it’s classy, infinitely wearable and we’re keeping it affordable. 


Linen suits everyone. Etika has one size fits all, sized linen ranges and we can always find something to fit and suit any occasion.


The girls in Etika's two stores are welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic about the linen gracing our new contemporary yet eclectic shabby chic spaces, happy to let you peruse to your heart’s content only offering an opinion when asked.


Etika's Keen and River Street stores are happy meeting places for local linen lovers and those from far and wide with many a story told and enlightening conversation held in our eclectic linen collections.


Phone :  Janette King

               0438 415 153

Email :  etika.etc@gmail.com

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